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Frances poses in her work jacket
Supported Living

Frances Achieves Milestone Anniversary

Frances, who has participated in the Supported Living program since 1992, recently achieved a milestone employment anniversary at Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE). She celebrated 20 years…

Alyssa stands in the candy aisle at Walgreens
Life and Work Connections

Alyssa Celebrates Her New Job

Community employment is the ultimate goal of participants in work skills training with the Boone County Family Resources Life & Work Connections program. Alyssa was once a…

Sean lifts up the hermit crab habitat to see what it's doing
Supported Living

Pet Ownership Supports Independence

Sean is a hermit crab expert. He knows everything there is to know about the creatures. He had raised them in the past when he was younger,…

Ellen sitting at a desk in her bedroom
Life and Work Connections

Ellen Excels at Independent Living

Moving into your own place is something that most young adults can’t wait to do and Ellen is no exception. With life skills training through Life &…

Erin sits at her desk in her office at the City of Columbia
Support Coordination

Erin Connects with the Community

Erin, 38, and her dad, John, had a special bond as many fathers and daughters do. He was a big advocate for Erin throughout her school years…

Patti and Ricky sitting together on the couch
Supported Living

Ricky & Patti—A Love Story

When you see Ricky and Patti together, you can’t help but smile. They truly seem like two people in love. They met at the Supported Living apartment…

Josh pictured in the produce department of a grocery store
Life and Work Connections

Josh Lands a New Job

Having a job you enjoy makes working in the community that much more satisfying. Josh decided about a year ago that he would like to find a…

Joe seated at table with co-workers playing a card game
Support Coordination

Not Your Average Joe Internship

When Joe had an opportunity to volunteer with the Dream Factory of Central Missouri Trivia Night last spring, he met someone who changed the course of his…

Six people pose at the Missouri State Fair
Supported Living

A Trip to the State Fair

At the end of this summer, several residents from Supported Living decided they would like to go to the Missouri State Fair so they worked with staff…