Life & Work Connections

We all appreciate belonging and giving to our community, people with disabilities are no exception.

Meaningful life and work are important

From youth in transition to adults living in their own homes, participants are building skills for full community participation.

Learn more about:

  • Learning skills for life at home and in the community
  • Group learning in classroom and community settings
  • Job skills training through paid work experiences
  • Finding and keeping a job

Life & Work Connections Stories

Work crew participants Hayden, Amanda and Adam (left to right) pose for a photo at graduation with Supervisor Coresa Coloney
Life and Work Connections

Celebrating Our Work Crew Graduates

Three students traveled from local high schools to further their vocational skills and prepare for future careers through janitorial experience at BCFR’s main office. Preparing them to…

Life and Work Connections

We Are Here! DRLD 24

Galen holds a trophy shaped like a golden chicken in front of the cash register at Slim Chickens. He is wearing a black shirt with a Slim Chickens written in large white letters.
Life and Work Connections

Recipe for Success

In April 2022, Galen visited his favorite restaurant, Slim Chickens, to enjoy his usual order of fried chicken and a Cherry Coke. While placing his order, he…

Working with Christi has been really great, she’s trained me in a lot of things and I’ve learned from all the trainings we’ve been through. She taught me to use the bus, and I know how to get places now. Back in my old place, she used to train me how to cook and make meals. I never had an iPhone before, (I thought) maybe this is something Christi can train me to use.

– Tomas
Tomas wears a face mask and holds a can of soup in one hand, and his phone and white cane in the other. Tomas has medium light skin tones, dark hair, and is wearing a zip up hoodie.