BCFR & Community Events

Diverse group of teens smiling outside together.

Teens in Transition

Do you want to plan for life after high school? In this class you will learn how to discover life after high school, explore community jobs, develop your skills for the future and practice talking about your interests, rights and needs.

Someone driving a car.

Driver’s Permit

Do you have your driver instructional permit? In this class, you will learn the driver guide information in an engaging way! We will use best practice approach to learning the rules of the road! Gain confidence by practice tests and group discussion to take the official driver permit exam.

Up close of two hands interlocking around a tree.

Sex, Love and Rock n Roll

Do you want to learn more about how to have a healthy relationship? In this class, you will learn how to communicate and have boundaries with strangers, acquaintances, and friends.

Apartment Planning

Ready, Set, Move Out!

Do you want to live on your own? Do you know what skills you need to live independently? This group will help you discover what skills you need to practice to live independently? This group will help you discover what skills you need to practice to live independently. You can start now to get ready to move out!

A group of 18 People Pirst members pose for a photo at Stephens Lake Park wearing matching pink shirts that say "Unity in Diversity."

People First of Boone County Monthly Meeting

People First is a self-advocacy group. The members of People First formed the group to be run by and for people with developmental disabilities, but anyone can join. People First regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from 4pm to 6pm at Boone County Family Resources, 2700 W. Ash, Columbia or…

Supporting the Spectrum

Supporting the Spectrum Podcast

Hosted by The Thompson Center, topics discussed are geared towards families and professionals providing direct support to individuals with autism, we encourage all to listen.