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Jaxon sits in a game room to play Candyland at Impact Support Service’s after school program in Columbia, Mo.
Support Coordination

Jaxon’s Journey

In her search for a program that would meet her son Jaxon’s unique needs, Jamie worked with BCFR Support Coordinator Nicole Davidson to find an after-school program….

Galen holds a trophy shaped like a golden chicken in front of the cash register at Slim Chickens. He is wearing a black shirt with a Slim Chickens written in large white letters.
Life and Work Connections

Recipe for Success

In April 2022, Galen visited his favorite restaurant, Slim Chickens, to enjoy his usual order of fried chicken and a Cherry Coke. While placing his order, he…

Lydia sits in a red seat at Busch Stadium holding a baseball proudly in the air. She wears a red shirt and blue baseball hat.
Support Coordination

An Eventful October for Lydia

Senator Chuck Graham Memorial Disability and Advocacy Ambassador Award The Disabilities Commission of the City of Columbia recognized the first Senator Chuck Graham Memorial Disability and Advocacy…

Three friends pose for a photo on Mizzou campus. A college age female and male stand on either side of Declan who is in a wheelchair wearing an orange polo and jeans.
Support Coordination

Declan Attends YLF

The Missouri Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) is a unique career leadership-training program for high school students with disabilities, ages 16 to 21. Youth delegates are selected from…

BCFR staff Caelum stands next to high school students Landon, David, Zander and Austin who are holding certificates.
Life and Work Connections

Celebrating The Work Crew

Partygoers packed into the Les Wagner Community Room on Thursday, May 18, to celebrate and say goodbye to this year’s work crew: Landon, Austin, David and Zander….

Support Coordination

Making Her Way – Paige’s Story

Two brothers stand on the track at West Elementary. Leo is on the left and is much taller than his younger brother Finn. Leo is a light skin male wearing a black shirt. Finn is a light skin male with a small frame, shaggy brown hair and glasses.

BCFR Mission in Action for the McDonald Family

I met Leo during a Special Olympics track practice while he stood in line for the long jump. His welcoming demeanor told me he was ready to…

Louise wears a tie dyed shirt and holds her black cat snoopy inside her apartment. She is a light skin woman with short grey hair and dark glasses.
Supported Living

Birthday Bash for Louise

Supported Living Team 16 threw a birthday party for Louise. Birthday parties aren’t new, but this was a big deal for Louise as she has traditionally declined…

Tina holds up a canvas featuring puppies made of very tiny colored diamonds.
Supported Living

Do What Makes You Sparkle

When Tina’s supervisor at CMSE told her about a new hobby that involved sparkles, shimmer and diamonds, she had to try it. After creating more than 20…