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To make it easier to send and receive secure email communications, BCFR is now using the Microsoft Office 365 secure email. Through Microsoft Office 365 family members, persons served and outside providers can easily receive and reply to secure messages to and from staff at Boone County Family Resources.

Printable Instructions

Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions with pictures

When using the Microsoft Office 365 secure email:

  • Only BCFR employees can initiate a secure email.
  • Family members, persons served and outside providers can ask their Support Coordinator to initiate a secure email and can ‘reply’ to that to begin a conversation.

Opening a Secure Message Sent by BCFR Staff:

A secure email will arrive in your email box like any other email.

  1. You will know it is secure because it will have [Secure] in the subject line.
  2. When you open the email you will not see the content of the message. Instead, you will be given a link to Microsoft Office 365. Please be sure to check the email to ensure it has the Boone County Family Resources logo and that is says the message is from the “BCFR secure messaging system.”
  3. To access the message click the “message.html” link. It may be displayed as an icon at the end of the message or just under the header of the email. You may be asked to save the attachment before opening depending on your email provider.
  4. You will then be asked to either sign into an existing Microsoft Office 365 account or to choose “Use a one-time passcode.”

Retrieving a One Time Passcode

  1. When you choose to “Use a one-time passcode” a window will appear with a “Reference Code.” Be sure to pay attention to the code as it will be included in the email you receive with the temporary passcode. This helps you put the right passcode with the right secure message.
  2. The passcode will be sent to your regular email from Microsoft. Note that it will expire within 15 minutes. If this happens you can request a new code at any time.
  3. When you open the email with the passcode note that the reference code matches the one on the request passcode page. Copy your passcode by highlighting it and clicking Ctrl-C (Windows) or Cmd-C, (Mac).
  4. Return to the Microsoft Office 365 portal and paste the passcode into the empty box by clicking in the box and pressing Ctrl-V (Windows) or Cmd-V (Mac). Then click “Continue.”

Setting Up and Signing Into a Microsoft Account

If you choose to sign into your Microsoft account to view the message you will have two options, to create a new Microsoft account or to use an existing one.

Using an Existing Account – Type in your email and password to sign in.

Create a New Microsoft Account:

  1. After you open the message, you’ll see Message encryption by Microsoft Office 365 and an attachment called message.html. Open the attachment.
  3. Select the option to create a Microsoft account.
  4. Fill out the Create an account form. You‘ll see your email address in the User name box.
  5. Review the summary page and select Verify your email address. You will receive a verification email.
  6. Open the verification email and select the Verify button to confirm your email address.
  7. Once you’ve verified your email address, go back and open the message.html file that you started with. You can now use your Microsoft account to sign in and view the encrypted message.

Replying to a Message

  1. Once you have accessed the secure message you will have the option to “Reply” to one person, “Reply to All,” “Forward,” or “Print” the email.
  2. To reply compose your response and then click the “Send” button.
  3. Once you have replied you may “Sign Out.”

A Few Follow-Up Items of Importance

  1. When you receive a secure message, DO NOT reply to the notification that you have a secure message because your response will not be secure!
  2. You may print a copy of the email for future reference or copy and paste its contents into a Word or other document to save it to your local computer.
  3. You may choose to keep the original secure email message sent to you by your support coordinator in your Inbox so that anytime you want to send a secure message to him/her all you have to do is retrieve it following the steps above and reply to it. This way you have the option to “initiate” a secure message with your support coordinator.