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Daniel is dressed in a blazer and party hat while enjoying the dance floor with his friends.
Supported Living

Night to Shine Prom is a Big Hit in Supported Living

The Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On Friday, Feb. 11, 2022, Night to Shine…

Woman wears horseback riding gear and smiles as she gets a nuzzle from her horse.
Support Coordination

Overcoming Obstacles

Lydia is 20 years old and loves to give back to her community. She volunteers regularly at the Missouri Disability Empowerment Foundation (MoDE) , is on the…

Tomas selects a can of chicken and rice soup amongst a heavily lined wall of canned foods, thanks to assistance from the Microsoft Seeing AI app.
Life and Work Connections

Tomas uses Artificial Intelligence to Accomplish Everyday Tasks

Tomas strolls through Rock Bridge Hy-vee looking to fill his shopping list. He stops in the soup aisle and pulls out his iPhone to scan the shelves…

Agency News

DRLD 2021: In This Together!

This year marked the 20th anniversary of Disability Rights Legislative Day, when typically hundreds of people with disabilities and advocates gather at the capitol for a rally,…

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Something New Sprouts in Supported Living

Gardening is a fun spring activity that brings benefits such as spending time outdoors. It is also a great way to exercise, learn about nutrition, socialize with…

Jaxyn grins for a photo outdoors with her curly brown hair blowing in the wind.
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There’s No Stopping Jaxyn

Starting high school can be a daunting task for anyone.  Looking back, Jaxyn remembers trying to fit in to impress others but having some difficulty building friendships…

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COVID VACCINE RESOURCES FOR REGISTERING The following list was developed to assist in securing a COVID vaccine. The State of Missouri has established guidelines on prioritizing populations…

Woman wears wizard hat smiles for photo contest.
Supported Living

Supported Living Takes a Mystical Escape

Many supported living residents enjoyed going on a mystical escape to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, straight from their home! Thanks to a little bit of…

Portrait photo of Jeff.
Agency News

Jeff’s 2020 SARTAC Fellowship & Mission

Addressing the School to Prison Pipeline During his time as a student, Jeff Johnson’s son — who is black and has a disability — was suspended 217…