Life and Work Connections

Celebrating Our Work Crew Graduates

June 10, 2024

Three students traveled from local high schools to further their vocational skills and prepare for future careers through janitorial experience at BCFR’s main office. Preparing them to thrive in the community and pursue their personal goals, the students gained valuable job skills and professional growth through their participation in the program.

“We have seen Adam, Hayden and Amanda learn and grow in their experiences on the work crew this school year,” said Life and Work Connections Director Mark Satterwhite. “They have learned important skills that will serve them well in future jobs.”

Over the past 6 months, students Adam, Hayden and Amanda performed various hands-on tasks to gain practical experience in a professional environment. Duties such as cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the garbage and wiping off counter tops were part of their daily responsibilities. They worked both on hard and soft skills to gain the experience vital to successful employment.

The work crew experience at BCFR is made possible through a partnership with Columbia Public Schools. They help identify participants, provide transportation and monitor student progress. Through this collaboration, students not only earn school credit but also develop valuable skills to enhance their vocational futures. As employees of the BCFR subsidiary Life & Work Connections, Inc., they also earn minimum wage for their efforts.

“I have seen so much determination and growth in all three of them. They have worked hard and made so much progress,” said Supervisor Coresa Coloney. “They will do great things in their future employment.”

Work crew graduation in May was a celebration of their hard work and achievements. Friends, family and staff gathered in the Les Wagner Community Room to celebrate their certificate award ceremony. As the students continue on with their professional endeavors, they will carry the lessons learned and the support of BCFR who believes in their potential.