Aging Gracefully in Supported Living

May 6, 2024

Carol, Betty, Jan and Denise sit outside and enjoy the beautiful, sunny day. They all have different ways they keep their minds active and fill their days, but share the fact that they all live as independently as possible with BCFR supports.

Site Supervisor Sarah Montellano enjoys seeing the women live fulfilling, peaceful and happy lives as well as their friendship that has remained constant over the years.

“They all have a special bond,” said Sarah. “They are always concerned for each other, especially in unfortunate times, like when Jan and Betty were sick. They were all so worried and constantly asking about them.”

One way BCFR staff keep the women active is to transport them to and from activities that they decide on as a group.

“They take us out shopping to buy coloring books, crayons or new clothes,” said Betty.

Betty, who moved into Supported Living in 1987, has enjoyed participating in the Special Olympics and working at the CMSE Workshop before retiring. She now enjoys going to her day program, watching scary movies, taking daily walks in the hallway and spending time with her family at Christmas.

Jan also moved into SL in 1987. She enjoys walking outdoors, doing word searches and puzzles and going to church on Sundays. Jan worked at Red Lobster for 28 years and retired eight years ago.

“I don’t have to worry about a schedule, getting up in the morning or rushing to get dressed,” said Jan. “Then worry about working with three different bosses, that gets confusing. I enjoy being retired, but sometimes I miss it too.”

Denise poses for a photo standing outside. She is wearing a floral t-shirt and has white hair and glasses.
Denise poses for a photo outside her supported living home.
Eight women sit at a dining room table in a black and white photo from the 1970s.
Denise sits at the far end of the table on the left side in the earliest photo of Boone County Group Homes.

Denise was one of the first residents of Boone County Group Homes in 1977. Boone County Group Homes changed its name to Boone County Family Resources in

2005 to reflect the diverse services and supports provided. She is enjoying her retirement after many years at Boyce and Bynum Labs.

“I used to clean the freezer, and I didn’t like that,” said Denise. “I liked my boss, he was something else.”

Carol moved into SL in 1983 and enjoys outings, coloring, and hopes to return to church soon. They all live mostly independently and, although Carol and Betty need more physical supports at times, they all still love their independence and to be their own guardian. SL staff ensure the women receive the highest quality of support, tailored to their evolving needs.

“Their lives look different than maybe 5-10 years ago,” said Director of Supported Living Kim Milius. “But they are still getting out and doing things and living independently as possible with our supports.