Supported Living

Frances Achieves Milestone Anniversary

February 6, 2016
Frances poses in her work jacket
Frances poses in her new 20 years of service jacket that was presented to her in late 2015.

Frances, who has participated in the Supported Living program since 1992, recently achieved a milestone employment anniversary at Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE). She celebrated 20 years of service in December 2015 and was recognized at their annual Christmas celebration for her dedication.

“Frances is an excellent employee and has for years worked in the capacity of inspector for quality control,” says Fran Schneider, Program Director at CMSE. “Frances works steadily and does not make mistakes. These skills and abilities are vital to CMSE and ensures that our customers receive quality materials.”

CMSE employees 130 individuals and subcontracts work with several local and national manufacturing companies. It has provided employment opportunities for people with disabilities for more than 40 years.

Frances says she enjoys her job at CMSE and has made friends with some of her co-workers. She likes having different things to work on from day to day and especially likes working on “junction shells.” She says she would like to continue working for the foreseeable future. “Not ready for retirement yet,” says Frances. “I would like to work a little longer. There are some people who have worked longer than 20 years at CMSE.”

“Frances is dedicated to her work at Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises, and takes pride in her independence,” says Maureen Jenner, BCFR Site Supervisor at Team 12.

When Frances is not at work, she enjoys watching movies on TV or going to the movie theater. She takes care of her cat, Angel, and also likes to go for walks or ride the stationary bike for exercise. Frances also likes to read Good Housekeeping magazine.

She is proud of her employment achievement. “Frances enjoys the jacket that she was given for 20 years of service, and wears it as often as she is able,” says Ashley Geiger, Client Services Coordinator at Team 12.

“I like my job,” says Frances. “It’s important to me.”