Life and Work Connections

Alyssa Celebrates Her New Job

February 6, 2016
Alyssa stands in the candy aisle at Walgreens
Alyssa poses for a quick picture while on the job at Walgreens.

Community employment is the ultimate goal of participants in work skills training with the Boone County Family Resources Life & Work Connections program. Alyssa was once a trainee pursuing that goal, and through her hard work and determination, she is proud to report she has found a job in the community. Alyssa began working on the janitorial crew in May 2013 to learn and practice the skills she needed to get and keep a job in the community.  “While cleaning is a byproduct of participation on the janitorial crew,” says Mark Satterwhite, Director of Life & Work Connections, “the primary focus of the experience is ‘soft skills’ development — communication, attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving, and professionalism — essential to success in any job.”

In addition to her work on the janitorial crew, Alyssa also participated in one-on-one training with Mary Breight, Community Skills Specialist to fine-tune some of those soft skills she learned. “When I met Alyssa in January 2015, she was shy and struggled with communication,” says Mary. “We trained on communication skills rigorously for 10 months. Alyssa was completely committed and showed up to our training sessions early. She even took the Transition Network Class: Work It – Workplace Expectations.”

Throughout the time they were training together, Alyssa was also working with Mary to find a job that would be a good fit. “Alyssa was dedicated to the job development process and was patient through the ups and downs,” says Mary. Her dedication paid off. Alyssa began working at Walgreens on Broadway in December 2015. She now works three days a week from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and uses the CoMo Connect bus system for transportation.

Walgreens General Manager, Chris Huskey, reported that Alyssa is doing very well in her new role. He reported she is “always on time, hardworking, and asks questions when needed.” He also reported “if you give Alyssa a task, she will always complete it.”

“I am so glad she has finally found the right job match. She is so much more confident,” says Mary.

Alyssa seems very happy with her job in the community. “My favorite part of the job is stocking candy,” she says.  “I also like that I can always ask my supervisor and co-workers for help.”

Congratulations, Alyssa! Keep up the good work!