Support Coordination

Logan is Learning New Skills

April 13, 2016
photo of Logan playing on the floor of his home
Logan is all smiles while playing at home after school.

Logan is a happy, social guy little guy who loves listening to music and singing along. He adores his brother and sister and is excited about any opportunity to play outside. Logan experienced a severe seizure when he was four months old which adversely affected his overall development. He began services with Boone County Family Resources while he participated in First Steps. “We have been seizure-free for going on three years now,” says Lisa, Logan’s mother. “Now we’re working on building confidence and skills.”

Logan’s global delays caused by epilepsy have impacted his language, motor, adaptive skills and overall learning. Lisa and her husband, Jim, work hard to provide both clinical-based and home therapy programming in addition to what Logan is working on at Columbia Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program. “Logan loves his school. He has lots of friends and really enjoys his time there and it has been good for him,” says Lisa. “I really think his experience at The Speech & Language Preschool helped prepare him for this new preschool experience.”

In addition to his time at ECSE, Logan is about to start an intensive three-week therapy program that is designed to help him build strength and coordination with the end goal of walking independently. “I know he can do it,” says Lisa, “He just needs some confidence and then he’ll be unstoppable. He’s going to be one tired little guy, though.”

The agency has funded therapeutic recreation for Logan at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center, which Lisa says Logan loved. “He started off not being too excited about it, but then he really began to enjoy it. It was a great experience,” says Lisa. Logan has also benefited from using equipment from the Assistive Technology Exchange Program (ATEP) and devices purchased by BCFR such as a reverse walker to help him practice learning to walk. “We really have seen Logan get happier as he gains independence. He used to get frustrated at not being able to do things, but as he’s learning new skills, his mood definitely improves!”

The family also participates in Home-based Support Services for Logan. A student that attends church with the family comes over weekly to provide support for Logan through play and activities. They read books together and play with toys, but the best days are when Madison brings over her puppy to visit Logan. “Logan really likes playing with the puppy, they get along very well,” says Lisa. “Madison’s been a wonderful addition to our household. Logan’s interest in the books is because of her. They play together and have fun while also building skills. She’s been great for Logan.”

Logan’s dad, Jim, is a resident physician in Columbia and recently accepted a position in his field of hematology and oncology in Utah. The family will be moving there this summer. Lisa said they are excited about the new opportunity, but they will miss the services and supports they’ve had access to here in Boone County. “We’ll be closer to extended family in our new location, but we will miss BCFR. Mary Jacks, our support coordinator has been amazing to work with. She’s very responsive and helpful. I hope we can find a new “Mary” in Utah.”