Stories: Supported Living

Supported Living

Beyond The Basket

Louise wears a tie dyed shirt and holds her black cat snoopy inside her apartment. She is a light skin woman with short grey hair and dark glasses.
Supported Living

Birthday Bash for Louise

Supported Living Team 16 threw a birthday party for Louise. Birthday parties aren’t new, but this was a big deal for Louise as she has traditionally declined…

Tina holds up a canvas featuring puppies made of very tiny colored diamonds.
Supported Living

Do What Makes You Sparkle

When Tina’s supervisor at CMSE told her about a new hobby that involved sparkles, shimmer and diamonds, she had to try it. After creating more than 20…

A group of people are dancing and singing along to music in the BCFR Les Wagner Community Room.
Supported Living

Les Wagner Community Room Provides a Welcoming Space to Supported Living

The Les Wagner Community Room typically holds staff meetings, classes and community events. The accessible space which accommodates more than 100 guests is also a perfect venue…

Supported Living

Night to Shine 2019

Supported Living

Wyleta Rides the Trails

Man holds up a yellow and blue tie-dyed t-shirt.
Supported Living

Dying for Some Fun in Supported Living

The Supported Living staff love coming up with creative and productive activities to stimulate and support residents. Direct Support Specialist (DSS) Shelton provided the idea of tie-dying…

A woman with glasses and grey hair holds a hand painted pot with dirt.
Supported Living

Supported Living Hosts a Summer BBQ

Early May brought warm weather which was welcome in Supported Living as residents enjoyed BBQ food, fun and games in the sun! Each individual served also received…

Daniel is dressed in a blazer and party hat while enjoying the dance floor with his friends.
Supported Living

Night to Shine Prom is a Big Hit in Supported Living

The Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On Friday, Feb. 11, 2022, Night to Shine…