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Do What Makes You Sparkle

May 8, 2023

When Tina’s supervisor at CMSE told her about a new hobby that involved sparkles, shimmer and diamonds, she had to try it. After creating more than 20 pieces of diamond art over the last year, she is now hooked on this beautiful hobby.

According to the Diamond Art Club, it requires minimal effort and can be extremely addictive as this creative outlet is great for relaxation, stress relief, and overall mental health.

Tina sits at a table with a small lamp shining on her art canvas. She is placing diamonds into little squares. Tina is a light skin woman with red hair and glasses.

Diamond Art is a combination of cross stitch and paint-by-number and Tina purchases it locally at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann’s Crafts. She rolls out the canvas mat, uses applicator pens to stick each diamond into a corresponding space, and often uses her light pen for nighttime work.

“I like to do dogs and cats,” said Tina. “I give them to my mom sometimes. All these are squares and some of these are circles. I did about 20 or 30 of these. I keep myself busy.”

Her current project she started on April 10 (featured above) and hopes to complete by the end of May. She stores a stack of various themed diamond art rolls so that she can start a new one as soon as one is complete. And every time she gets one finished, she is already looking forward to the next.