Supported Living

Supported Living Takes a Mystical Escape

November 17, 2020

Many supported living residents enjoyed going on a mystical escape to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, straight from their home! Thanks to a little bit of magic from Direct Support Specialist and PN Chad, residents at a supported living site enjoyed a fun evening with Harry Potter themed activities.

Group of people hot glue stone shapes to a wall.
Chad and Betty create individual wizard wands.

Dale plays a Harry Potter game while blindfolded.

Man wears hat and acts as a wizard.
Ricky becomes the “worlds most wanted wizard” in the photo contest.

Woman wears wizard hat in a Harry Potter themed photo booth.
Carol enjoys playing the part of a wanted wizard at the party.

“I decided on the theme as I knew several of the clients had an interest in Harry Potter,” said Chad.  “I began to look around the building and I realized we had a few perfect locations that could transform into settings for the party.”

Residents not only enjoyed attending the party, but setting up for the event was just as exciting.

Chad said, “It gave them something to look forward to with making decorations. My favorite activity was the wand making and letting each client make their own creative choices and assisting them with turning their ideas into a reality.”

This party was one of his more ambitious ideas to date due to the execution of a few elaborate plans, such as, constructing and painting stone walls, while also attending to client care, reports, trainings, and resident meetings.

Chad says the primary reason for having these events are to give the residents something to look forward to. Due to the pandemic, residents have had to cut back on where they can go and what they can do which has been very difficult.

“With events like this, it creates activities for individuals to participate in and feel like they have accomplished something when they have assisted,” said Chad. “They can point at things to their neighbors and say – see that I helped with that, or I painted that. Then in the end they get to have a party, win prizes, enjoy food and who doesn’t like that!”

Chad has organized several parties and events throughout the year. Before COVID hit, he had planned on doing a camping trip as well as a “day at the beach” with the residents. After the pandemic these things were no longer a possibility but he didn’t want to let clients down, so this party was one of the creative ways to make up for it.

Currently Chad is planning a haunted carnival party which will have game booths made from PVC and table cloths. It will be held in the parking lot and the area will be decorated with lights and various other themed decorations. The clients will also have carnival inspired foods, do a Halloween egg hunt, win prizes, a photo booth, and more.