Supported Living

Brent Celebrates Birthday with Bingo

June 4, 2014

Photo of BrentTeam 3706 decided to celebrate the birthday of long-time resident, Brent, by having a Bingo night complete with prizes. Brent invited his friends and neighbors and hosted the party in his apartment.

Lydia Schoene, Brent’s sister said, “Our mom wanted to do something special for Brent’s birthday this year and she wanted him to share it with his friends, so she purchased pizzas and cake for everyone and the staff at Team 3706 took care of planning the party and Bingo game.”

After the birthday meal, the party goers got down to some serious Bingo. “C-J and Donna are true gamers and were battling out like something you would see in a Bingo Hall movie scene,” said Jason Cole, Client Services Coordinator. “The winners of each round picked a prize and all the party guests got to pick a prize at the end for participating.”

“We were delighted to see Brent so happy and laughing with so many others in his apartment!” said Lydia. “He seemed to be genuinely pleased to have his peers in his apartment and sharing birthday pizza and cake with him. The Supported Living staff was great at coordinating things and we were so happy that so many of his neighbors joined in the fun!”

Photo of birthday party participantsC-J chimes in, “Oh yeah! I do like Bingo!” Louise, who loves to wear rings, was very happy with her prize – a package of light-up rings. “Bingo rings!” she said.

Hailey Kimberlin, Supported Living Assistant, said, “I thought it was fun and everyone seemed to have a good time.” In fact, all the staff that helped out at the party were very pleased with how it turned out.

Clinton also agreed the evening was a success. “It was good. I liked the prizes.” Grea said, “It was fun.”

As for the birthday man, Brent said he had fun, too. His favorite parts? “Mom, Lydia, pizza.” Sounds like a good time was had by all!