Supported Living

Mary’s Trip to the Sunshine State

August 10, 2016
photo of mary and her family at her brother's wedding
Mary (in green) poses with her brother, Tom, her mother and her new sister-in-law, Merit.

Mary had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Florida this spring to attend her brother Tom’s wedding. She and Shana Landrum, Direct Support Professional for the Supported Living program, traveled together with Mary’s mother for this special occasion. “Shana and my mom and I flew on a plane to Florida,” says Mary. They spent five days in the Sunshine state, visiting with Tom prior to his wedding and enjoying some of the local sites.

“Mary was excited about the rehearsal dinner where we went to an Italian restaurant,” says Shana. Mary said the food was very good and it was a fun evening.

Then it was time to prepare for the big event. The wedding was held at the Science Center in Orlando. “Mary sat in the third row so she could have a good view of the wedding and take some pictures,” says Shana. “She enjoyed seeing the bridesmaids and the dresses they wore, the tux and the preacher.” Mary said the wedding was very pretty and liked getting to take pictures afterward with the bride and groom. “They looked so nice,” she said.

Mary poses at Universal Studios after having lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.
Mary poses at Universal Studios after having lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

At the reception, Mary enjoyed clapping and singing along to songs by her favorite band, The Beatles. She took pictures with her mom and Shana in the photo booth, too. “That was lots of fun and silly,” says Mary. Tom and his new wife, Merit, presented Mary with a scrapbook with pictures from the wedding.

The day after the wedding, Mary and Shana went to Universal Studios to do some sightseeing. They ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café and explored the park together. “This was a wonderful experience for me to see Mary out of her routine and comfort zone, enjoying herself!” says Shana. “On the flight home, Mary loved looking out the window on the airplane and finding shapes in the clouds.” Mary said her favorite part about her trip was the wedding and taking pictures. “I had a good time,” says Mary. “But I was glad to return to my apartment when it was done.”