Stories: Support Coordination

Staff sits with parent around a tablet talking with an interpreter.
Support Coordination

Technology Bridges Language Gap for Families

When coordinating services for individuals and families, good communication is the key. But what if an individual or family speaks a language other than English? Boone County…

Xander sits on the couch.
Support Coordination

Nutrition Services Help Xander Make Gains

Nutrition Services are offered through Boone County Family Resources to assess a person’s nutritional history and dietary intake, to evaluate feeding skills and feeding issues, to develop…

summer camp
Support Coordination

Camps Offer Enjoyable Summer Experiences

A popular experience during the summer is attending camps. Boone County Family Resources support coordinators can connect individuals to sleep-away and day-camps designed and to meet the specific…

phyzou clinic video still
Support Coordination

Community Programs Offer Therapies at No Cost

Support Coordinators at Boone County Family Resources work with persons served to create an individual plan of support that best meets their unique needs. The Support Coordinators…

woman teaching class of small children
Support Coordination

Social Skills Through Group Interaction

A new service offering at Boone County Family Resources, Social Skills Group experiences are designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to develop social communication and interaction…

Olive in snowman costume gets ready to perform
Support Coordination

Therapy Through Dance

Therapeutic recreation programs enable persons with developmental disabilities to develop their capacity, performance and relationships with other persons. Boone County Family Resources support coordinators connect persons served…

Support Coordination

Jim Joins a New Community

Jim is already enjoying his new living arrangements after moving into an independent supported living home. He and his mother and step-father moved to Missouri this summer…

Support Coordination

Job Preparation—Two Different Journeys

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and was created to celebrate a diverse workforce when people with all abilities are included. Through individual planning, support coordinators…

child talks with her mom using communication device
Support Coordination

Communicating Choices Through Technology

Commercial or custom designed therapeutic devices or equipment commonly referred to as “assistive technology” are used to increase capacity and minimize the functional limitations associated with a…