Stories: Support Coordination

Pablo waves at the camera
Support Coordination

For Love of the Game

When Pablo was growing up, he never cared much for sports. His older sister played both softball and basketball. Pablo reluctantly went to the games with his…

Lindsey, Colton and Casey pose for a picture in front of the iconic columns at the University of Missouri.
Support Coordination

Empowered to Succeed

Colton just wrapped up his junior year at the University of Missouri. He’s studying Heath Sciences with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration.  Colton says his own experiences…

Sofia holds several ribbons while smiling
Support Coordination

Sofia is Fearless

Sofia, a spunky ten-year-old, has received services through Boone County Family Resources since she was three months old. She experienced a stroke in utero and was born…

photo of nicolas sitting at a table
Support Coordination

The STEPs to Getting a Job

People get jobs so they can live in and enjoy the community. Nicholas was determined to do just that. Working with his support coordinator, Nicholas learned about…

photo of group of people
Support Coordination

A Playwright Is Born

While working on getting her undergraduate degree in international studies at the University of Missouri, Jessica took a beginning playwriting class. One of her assignments was to…

Mustafa rides on a battery powered car
Support Coordination

Mustafa is Motivated to Move

For three-year-old Mustafa, the freedom of moving on his own is a new concept that he seems to enjoy. Boone County Family Resources funded the adaptation of…

Sydney smiles as her date picks her up and twirls her around.
Support Coordination

A Dream Come True

Sydney is enjoying every bit of her senior year at Rock Bridge High School. She likes her classes, participates in several extracurricular activities, including cheerleading, and says…

photo of red octopus watch
Support Coordination

Smart Watches Support Building Good Habits

For people of all abilities, young and old, having a daily routine is important. Routines help people remember to take care of daily personal needs and to…

photo of embroidered seat belt covers
Support Coordination

Low-tech Safety Items Bring Peace of Mind

Through Boone County Family Resources, a wide array of services and supports are available to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Support Coordinators assist in assessing each…