Life and Work Connections

Transition Network – Professional Development

June 8, 2013

DSC_0096On May 9, 2013, fourteen young adults (served by the agency) completed a Professional Development class on Columbia College’s campus.  The conclusion of this class marks our second semester of partnership with the college. Enrollment more than doubled over semester one.

Pictured are participants who completed the semester, along with Life & Work Connections’ instructors Monica DeCrescenzo and Martha Echols, and volunteers from Columbia College and the University of Missouri.  The Professional Development class curriculum focused on job preparation skills, intended to boost potential for participants’ success in community employment.

Student volunteers provided peer support to participants in class through modeling and tutoring.  They also accompanied participants in community experiences including Cleanup Columbia 2013 (profiled in last month’s report) and individual social and volunteer activities.  The experience proved particularly beneficial to college students specializing in human services or special education, as it provided hands-on opportunities to interact with others who have diverse abilities, social capacities and learning styles.

Tucker, seated in the front row wearing the “Mizzou” t-shirt says:

I liked the class.  I felt like it gave me a better understanding of what it takes to get and keep a job.  I liked the portion about developing a resume.  It was a good experience and I’d do it again.  I hope to get a job working in customer service.  The class helped prepare me.” 

Tucker is among others in the class who are either currently seeking employment or continuing to hone their skills for employment.