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Something New Sprouts in Supported Living

May 14, 2021

Gardening is a fun spring activity that brings benefits such as spending time outdoors. It is also a great way to exercise, learn about nutrition, socialize with others and feel productive.

Ricky works hard to properly loosen the dirt and prepare it for planting.
Sheilah scoops mounds of dirt to fill the beds and pots.
Staff and residents carefully place the vegetable seeds in neat rows.

Supported living staff and residents at Team 108 enjoyed constructing and planting raised bed gardens and potting flowers in April.

DSS Chad led the project, he said, “Gardening is not something we necessarily do every year, but some years some of the clients express an interest in wanting to grow flowers and their own vegetables. It also gives them a chance to have something that they are responsible for.”

Chad said that residents get most excited about picking the items from the garden once they are ready and using them in recipes.

“They have to put in work over time and with patience and perseverance they are eventually rewarded for their efforts, which I think is a good life lesson,” said Chad.

Ricky enjoys the entire process from planting to cultivating. He is proud to look after the garden and keep it watered. Sheilah likes going shopping for the plants and picking stuff out of the garden. Carol likes watching the plants grow, being able to tell others that they are hers and use the vegetables in dinner recipes. Jami and Shaina especially like the social aspect of working in the garden with their neighbors.

A few seeds have already sprouted, and everyone at Team 108 anxiously await to see what blooms first.