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Road Trip to New York

August 19, 2015
Photo of Diane sitting on the couch
Diane talks about her recent trip to New York to attend a family wedding.

Summer time is great time for a good old-fashioned road trip and that’s just what Diane had the opportunity to do this summer. Her cousin, Scotty, was getting married, so Diane and her younger sister, Allison, and younger brother, Tony, jumped in the car and drove all the way to New York to attend.

It took two days of driving to get from Missouri to New York, but it was worth it, according to Diane. Not only did Diane go to the wedding, but she and her siblings stayed in New York for a week visiting family and old friends. Diane says she lived there with her mom and dad when she was a young girl.

“Diane had been anticipating her trip for a while, and was excited to visit New York,” says Site Supervisor, Maureen Jenner. “It had been years since she had visited New York, and I think a wedding was a nice opportunity for her to have some fun.”

Diane’s favorite parts of the trip were staying in the hotel and going swimming, but she said getting dressed up for the wedding and dancing was also fun. Diane enjoyed eating wedding cake at the reception and said they also served fruit. “The wedding was nice,” says Diane.

She said staff members were a big help in getting her ready for the trip. “(We) went shopping for a dress and shoes,” says Diane. “Staff packed clothes for me. Got me ready.” Maureen said staff helped Diane shop, organize and pack for the big trip. “The morning that she left, she was really excited.”

Diane said lots of friends and family also traveled to New York for the wedding. They posed for several family pictures with extended family and went to a party at an old friend’s house. They dined out for several meals, which Diane also really enjoyed. All in all, Diane said it was a very nice trip. “I liked it,” she said. “I had a good time.”