Supported Living

Ricky & Patti—A Love Story

November 6, 2015
Patti and Ricky sitting together on the couch
Patti & Ricky hang out in Patti’s apartment

When you see Ricky and Patti together, you can’t help but smile. They truly seem like two people in love. They met at the Supported Living apartment building in which they both live and have been together ever since. “It was love at first sight,” says Ricky. “I asked her if I could carry her groceries in and that’s all she wrote.”

Patti says she and Ricky have been together for 10 years now. They recently celebrated their milestone anniversary by going out to dinner at CC’s City Broiler – a popular local steak house. Supported Living Assistant, Chad Mitchell arranged their transportation to the restaurant as well as accompanied them. “I assisted them when they needed it, such as understanding the meal options on the menu and I helped Ricky figure out the bill amount and tip,” says Chad. “They seemed to have a nice evening together.”

Their apartments are just down the hall from each other and they can often be found watching movies together or sharing a meal or two. “Ricky makes me smile,” says Patti. “We like to go bowling, go to the mall and play UNO.” Ricky bought Patti a promise ring a few years ago which she wears proudly. “It means we belong together,” says Patti.

“Ricky and Patti have been together for many years,” says Kim Cearlock, Site Supervisor. “You don’t have to ask either of them about their relationship because they are the first to tell you when you meet them that they are together and love one another. They enjoy spending time together watching TV, cooking, and walking to Subway for meals. This date to CC’s was a special one indeed!”

Ricky said he’s glad to have Patti in his life and she makes him happy. “She’s a good woman. She keeps me straight in line,” he says with a smile. “She also feeds me good.”

Ricky says their next big adventure together will be traveling to his family’s place for Thanksgiving. “It will be good. We’ll eat way too much and then get up and do it all over again!”