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Piecing It All Together

June 27, 2014

Photo of Brent creating his mosaic

The residents at Team 3706 have been busy working on some beautiful mosaic back splashes to decorate the kitchens in their apartments.

Jason Cole, Client Services Coordinator at the apartment building, works with residents to help select the theme and colors they want to use for their art pieces. As a hobby, Jason has created several mosaics himself and thought it would be a fun project to work on with the residents.

“Everyone picks out their favorite colors or themes and then we work together to complete the art,” says Jason. “Our residents decide how they want their apartment to be decorated to make it their own. Creating a piece of original art to decorate your apartment fosters a sense of pride and everyone seems to enjoy it.”

Picture of Louise's mosaic

Each mosaic is unique to the person who made it. Louise loves wearing rings on her fingers, so she incorporated rings into her design. Brent picked out his favorite colors to use on his project. Clinton is a big John Deere fan, so his mosaic is an interpretation of the John Deere logo. Grea created a backdrop for her mirror with seashells collected from a beach in North Carolina. C-J is planning to add a cat to her mosaic and is looking forward to getting started soon.

“The art pieces are light weight and moveable so the residents can take them along if they move apartments or want to hang them in a different spot,” says Jason. “So far, they have been a big hit with everyone.”

Picture of mosaic featuring a flower design Picture of Clinton's green and gold mosaic