Life and Work Connections

Navigators Club Takes on Columbia

November 4, 2014

Photo of Jessica and Josh at the MU Museum of Art & ArchaeologyA fulfilling life involves growth and the realization of goals despite or because of challenges. The Navigators Club is a Life & Work Connections class that aims to give participants opportunities to thrive by growing, exploring and realizing goals.

Five participants met at Columbia College and throughout the Columbia community from June to October 2014 to discuss interests, learned where to find information about community events, chose where to go and had fun while there.

Interests ranged from art to film to food and the outdoors. While there was no shortage of ideas, participants prioritized according to criteria that were deemed important to club members such as affordability and location.  Participants were asked to think of what they wanted to do and the planning needed to make the activity happen such as arranging transportation, checking the destination’s hours and costs associated. While participants who live independently were familiar with these planning concepts, other participants who did not live independently were not always used to initiating or planning activities. The club worked on developing these skills by researching information on the internet and via periodicals such as Vox Magazine to find events and groups with shared interests.

Photo of Dajmine at the Art & Archaeology MuseumArt was a popular topic amongst the group. Participants visited the University of Missouri’s Museum of Art and Archaeology, the Columbia Art League and PS: Gallery where they viewed paintings, photographs and sculpture and shared their likes and dislikes. The group experienced the beauty of the outdoors by walking along the paths at Flat Branch Park, Stephens Lake Park and Shelter Gardens while getting to know one another. The Navigators Club also visited Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt for a sweet treat and Ragtag Cinema to view the documentary “When I Walk” about the filmmaker’s journey after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The Navigators Club offers participants the opportunity to better understand themselves and their community. While this session’s Navigators Club has ended, the quest for fulfillment continues. Participants are encouraged to seek out activities that interest them using the tools and confidence gained from their club experience.