Support Coordination

Miles’ Journey

December 1, 2011

After graduating from high school more than 25 years ago, Miles’ life became increasing isolated. He grew up in the Columbia area and received special education services through Columbia Public Schools. But when school ended so did most of Mile’s interactions with the community.

He tried to find employment over the years but didn’t have the support he needed to successfully maintain a job. As the years passed, Miles’ social interactions dropped off and before long, he was spending the majority of his time alone in his apartment.

All that changed a year ago when Miles, now 46, was referred to BCFR by the Self-Sufficiency Coordinator at Columbia Housing Authority.

Among the first things his BCFR Support Coordinator did was help Miles sign up for Medicaid, which allows him to see a doctor on a regular basis. Miles and his Support Coordinator also identified areas where he needed support in securing employment and transportation. He was eventually referred to Vocational Rehabilitation and is currently working with ACT to find employment. Once Miles is employed, he will receive job coaching to help him build work skills. BCFR assists Miles by purchasing transportation and monthly bus passes for his work-related appointments.

Other doors have opened for Miles as well. Last winter, he participated in his first season of basketball through Special Olympics. When he first received the basketball information, Miles worried he didn’t have the clothing required to participate in the program. But his Support Coordinator put him in touch with The Wardrobe where he found everything he needed to play basketball.

It turned out to be quite a season Miles and his teammate on the Wild Mustangs. They competed in two tournaments in the Columbia area as well as the state tournament in Kansas City. Being an avid Mizzou fan, Miles was thrilled when one of his tournaments took place at the University of Missouri, home of the Tigers. The Wild Mustang’s also played a game during halftime at a Columbia College basketball games, and Miles scored all the points for his team!

Imagine what Miles will do next season!

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