Supported Living

Janice Settles In

October 8, 2013

JaniceSitting down to talk to Janice is like sitting down with an old friend. She is very welcoming and kind and seems to love to chat. Janice is a long-time client of Boone County Family Resource and recently moved back into the supported living apartments at Team 16. Janice was married for more than 14 years, but sadly, her husband passed away this summer and she decided she wanted to go back to her old stomping grounds. “It was time for me to come back,” she said. “Bill was so good to me and we had great times together, but it was time to come back.”

Even though Janice says the staff is all different than when she previously lived there, she really loves her new place and feels settled in and comfortable. She and her roommate get along famously which certainly helps. On her comfy, red couch sits her 12-year-old cat, Baby Girl, who seemed interested in the conversation, especially in between some scratches between her ears. “She loves to be in the middle of things,” says Janice.

Janice has worked at ACT since 2009 and enjoys her job there. Her tasks change frequently and she says that’s what she likes. “It’s never boring.” She has a few friends there that she works with and she says she enjoys making some money so she can go out and have fun. For example, on the day she was interviewed, Janice was looking forward to getting out with some of her friends to see a play at Columbia Entertainment Company. “We’re off to see ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ It should be good.” Some of her other favorite things to do in her free time include painting ceramics at The Mudd Room and playing basketball. “I really like it when the staff plays, too. Although, they are pretty good at it,” she says smiling. “A really long time ago, I used to play basketball with Special Olympics. I was pretty good, too.”

Janice seems ready for the next chapter of her life and is enjoying her new home. “It is totally fine to me,” she says smiling. “I like it here.”