Supported Living

Jane Gives Back

March 14, 2013

Jane began receiving Supported Living Services from Boone County Family Resources in August 2010. Jane is one of the few individuals in Supported Living who chooses not to spend her day at a day program or working. Instead, she chooses to give back to her community. Jane spends her weeks volunteering at the Columbia Catholic School, and at the Activities and Recreation Center, better known as the ARC. On occasional weekends, she will volunteer with the Human Society in the Walk a Hound Loose a Pound program during the summer.

Jane has been volunteering for several years now starting before she began receiving services from BCFR. She truly enjoys everything she does at these places.

Every Tuesday during the school year, Jane goes to the Columbia Catholic School and assists in serving the students their lunch. Jane specifically serves fruit and cleans trays.

 At the ARC, Jane cleans and dusts to help keep the ARC looking nice for everyone. She volunteers at the ARC every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She spends approximately two hours at each place.

Jane works very hard at both of her volunteering positions. In fact she received the Volunteer of the Month award at each site: Columbia Catholic School in 2011 and the ARC in 2009. She says that her favorite parts of her positions are that she has “made new friends and she loves to see the different people”.

The Walk a Hound Lose a Pound is exactly as it sounds. You walk a dog to help keep them in shape as well as yourself. Jane participates periodically in this program during the summer and thoroughly enjoys it. She loves seeing the dogs and meeting the other people who participate, as well.

 Jane was interviewed prior to the report being written and stated, “I would like to start being paid but volunteering is okay for now.”