Supported Living

Jami’s Journey Toward Self-confidence

May 7, 2014

The last three years of living at Team 108 has given Jami many things. “I have my own room. I have my own TV. I have my own things. I have the cool staff,” says Jami with a smile. This self-confident young woman has accomplished much during her relatively short time participating in the Supported Living program. In just three years, this formerly shy individual has blossomed into an independent, social, healthy person.

“Working with Jami over the past three years has been extremely rewarding,” says Justin Wann, Client Services Coordinator at Team 108. “Jami is very receptive when learning new things and enjoys participating in new activities. She’s extremely active and always seems to be bettering herself as well as others around her. Getting a job at CMSE, attending a Special Olympics event without 108 staff, and losing 35 pounds are just a few of the milestones in which Jami has surpassed over the last three years. All of us here at 108 are extremely proud of her. It’s been very rewarding to observe all of her progress and I’m excited to see what she’ll take on next.”

Photo of JamiJami says her favorite thing is participating in Special Olympics where she competes in track, volleyball and swimming. She’s currently training twice a week for the Special Olympics State Games in May. She says she loves being active and proudly talked about her healthy lifestyle and weight loss achievements. “My doctor is happy with me. I feel good and have more energy.”

“Along with becoming more conscious of leading a healthy lifestyle, Jami has also gained a voice and has begun to understand that her opinion matters during her time in Supported Living,” says Team 108 Site Supervisor, Kim Cearlock. “She has worked to gain the skills and ability to stand up for herself and voice her thoughts and opinions which has led her to increased independence and greater self-confidence.  It is a joy to watch Jami as she continues to make progress toward her goals in order for her to live the life she wants to live.”

Jami also talked about how much she likes her job at Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE) where she’s friends with several of her co-workers. She also mentioned friends from her hometown that she keeps in contact with as well as friends she’s made in Supported Living. “I have two or three best friends,” says Jami. “I like to hang out with them. Maybe go shopping, too.” She also says she gets along well with her roommate.

“Jami has become so independent in every area of her life this year. She has made the sometimes difficult transition from living with her family to sharing an apartment with a roommate, with very little difficulty. Her attitude and her drive to become more independent are very impressive!” says Lydia Schoene, Jami’s support coordinator.

Jami says moving away from home was a big step, but she’s happy where she is. “I’m excited to go visit my parents and sister on the weekends, but I like my apartment. I also like my job at CMSE and seeing my friends, too.”