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Horizon Housing Foundation—Boone Point Cleaning

February 12, 2019
Individuals utilize mops and other cleaning supplies.
Individuals and staff utilize mops and other cleaning supplies purchased through a grant from the Horizon Housing Foundation.

Written by Laura Cravens, Associate Director Boone County Family Resources

Thanks to a generous grant from the Horizon Housing Foundation, Boone County Family Resources held two fun and informative events and provided cleaning supplies to the tenants of Boone Point Central and Boone Point South.

The first event was held at Boone Point Central on Tuesday, October 23 and 12 out of 15 tenants attended.  The second event was held at Boone Point South on Tuesday, October 30 and 11 out of 17 tenants attended.  The level of attendance was much higher than past “get to know you” events.  A substantive meal provided to tenants encouraged participation thanks to the generous food allowance provided for the events.  The tenants who were unable to attend due to work schedules, or who were averse to group activities, were provided with a mop, bucket and cleaning solution individually. 

Both events were organized the same way.  While some of the staff set up the food and utensils, others gathered releases of information from the participants and then asked each participant about their favorite cleaning supply.  Everyone ate and then drew numbers corresponding to each participant’s name.  As their number was drawn, each tenant “won” a new mop, bucket and bottle of floor cleaner.  Then everyone guessed the chosen tenant’s favorite cleaning supply and the tenant explained why they preferred that particular product and what it was used for.

A ‘how to’ guide was given to each tenant and reviewed at the event.  The twist-and-drain apparatus on the mop was demonstrated so the tenants knew they did not have to squeeze the mop heads by hand. The importance of sweeping before mopping to prevent debris from being poured down the drain, the ratio of floor cleaner to water when making a fresh bucket of mop water and methods for cleaning a used mop head were also reviewed.  Tenants were then asked if there were other areas of their apartments they found difficult to keep clean which led to a discussion on the benefits of using white vinegar on stovetop burner plates and in stinky dishwashers.

Mops and floor cleaners were requested for tenants because floors are a common area that need attention as discovered during apartment inspections.  Some tenants stated they did not have the funds to buy a mop, or to buy a quality mop. Each tenant learned about the Dollar Tree which has a variety of inexpensive cleaning supplies and the floor cleaner provided came from that store.  Overall, tenants and staff felt both events were quite successful and tenants were positive and participated fully in the events.