Supported Living

Happiness is a Healthy Body

March 5, 2014

Jane after shedding 86 pounds

What does losing 86 pounds feel like? To Jane it feels like “happiness.” When she moved into Supported Living in the summer of 2010, she was overweight and considered obese. Jane’s support team worked on a health and fitness plan which involved making exercise a daily goal as well as making healthier food choices.

Almost four years later, she’s shed 86 pounds through her hard work and dedication. Jane now has a BMI considered in the normal range and is working every day to maintain her weight loss. She says, “I feel better. I have more energy. My doctor is happy.” She’s developed such good habits that when given a choice, Jane independently chooses healthy food options for her meals. “Lots of fruits and veggies – that’s my special diet.” she says.

Another healthy habit Jane has benefitted from is regular exercise. Each day when she gets home from work, she starts her workout. “Thirty minutes every day. On the bicycle or the treadmill,” says Jane. She also is competing in swimming with the Special Olympics and we enjoyed seeing her participate in the first-ever Boone County Family Resources Walk – Run – Wheel 5K this past fall.

“Jane participated in the agency 5K. It was a last-minute decision for her when she saw everyone else joining in,” says Kim Tolson, Site Supervisor at Team 260. “She was very proud of herself at the end of the race, as I was of her as well. Jane has worked so hard to get where she is now, and it is because of the decisions she has made and continues to make.”

Jane before her weight-loss journey

Jane also enjoys going on walks around the neighborhood or local parks with her neighbors and friends. “She is able to walk a much longer distance than she could before,” says Tolson.

When asked what her favorite thing is about her new look, Jane responds, “shopping!” Losing the weight means she got to pick out all new clothing. She even offered to model some new outfits during the interview. “I like new clothes. It’s fun to shop.”

“Jane has worked very hard to get to a healthy weight, and everyone at Team 260 is very proud of her,” says Erynn Carey, Client Services Coordinator I at Team 260. “She is dedicated to maintaining her new healthy lifestyle, and is clearly much happier overall now that she is at a healthy weight. Plus, she’s just so darn beautiful, too!”

“I feel good and I am happy,” says Jane. Keep up the good work, Jane!