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Employee Spotlight: Amy Lester

July 8, 2016

By Laurie Ritter

Amy Lester
Amy Lester

Amy Lester has worked for Boone County Family Resources for a total of 15 years. For the past five years, Amy has worked as an Office Support employee. She has also worked as a Supported Living Assistant and Paid Neighbor in BCFR’s Supported Living program. Amy worked at BCFR in the nineties, moved for her husband’s schooling, and returned to Columbia and BCFR in 2003.

One of Amy’s favorite job duties is placing orders for therapeutic items that have been requested by agency staff for persons served. Amy said she loves being part of getting items that will help improve the lives of the people served by BCFR. When asked for two examples of how Amy directly helps persons served by the agency, Amy said she helps individuals by “getting their supplies ordered as quickly and accurately as possible” and by creating the “ICE (in case of emergency) cards” for individuals to wear or carry.

Amy added: “I love this agency and feel like we provide an outstanding service” for individuals served and added “our employees are among the kindest most caring group of people I have ever known.”