Supported Living

Doug Makes Connections

April 13, 2016
Doug sitting on the floor with his laptop
Doug enjoys connecting with friends and family via Facebook.

Doug received a tablet for a Christmas present and set a personal goal to learn how to use it to access the World Wide Web and communicate with friends and family. Boone County Family Resources Supported Living staff members worked with Doug to create a training plan which he worked on weekly to learning the ins and outs of the Internet and how to safely use it.

“We worked with Doug each week covering things like why he shouldn’t give out personal information online and what to do if someone he doesn’t know tries to talk with him online, among other online safety topics,” says Krista Staley, Site Supervisor at Team 16.

Doug was most interested in learning about Facebook so he could talk with his friends and family members. He is “friends” on Facebook with several family members and a neighbor. “I like seeing what everyone is doing and see pictures they post. It’s fun,” says Doug. So far, Facebook is the only social media site in which he participates. “I don’t know about the other sites yet. Right now I just like using Facebook.” Doug uses both his laptop and a tablet to connect to the web. “I don’t have a favorite device. It’s whatever I feel like using at the time.”

“Doug is very close to his family so it is important to him to socialize frequently and keep in touch with them,” says Krista. “Creating a Facebook account was really exciting for him and he has done well with navigating social media. He talks to staff and likes to tell us what his family is doing and what they post.”

In addition to Facebook, Doug also likes to use the web to see what movies are playing at the theater and to research antique stores. “I also like looking up different coins to see what they’re worth,” says Doug. “They’re too expensive to buy. I just like looking.” Doug says he has been collecting coins since he was in high school. “I just do it for fun. I’m not serious about it.”

Doug has been participating in the Supported Living program for 23 years. He works a few hours a week at a daycare close to his apartment where he helps out with janitorial duties and enjoys visiting with the kids.