Supported Living

Diane Lands a New Job

February 5, 2015
Photo of Diane sitting on her couch.
Diane is excitedly awaiting the start of her new job.

Diane has lived in her own apartment at Team 12 for more than six years. During most of that time, she participated in the ACT Works program earning a paycheck by recycling VHS tapes and CDs. Changes in funding for the program caused ACT Works to have to change their hiring model to only include people who are pursing community employment. Diane’s support team did not feel that working in the community was a safe option for her, so she began participating in the ACT Community Integration program on a full-time basis while she was added to the waiting list for employment at Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE). The wait was not as long as anticipated, and after a recent job assessment with CMSE, Diane is pleased to say “I’m going back to work.”

“Diane takes a great deal of pride in working and in performing her job duties well, and she is really looking forward to her new position at CMSE,” says Laura Matz, Site Supervisor at Team 12. “She is very excited for the opportunity to begin earning a regular paycheck again, and is also looking forward to making new friends there.”

When asked what she plans to spend her money on once her new job starts, Diane says she’s going to save it up for a rainy day. However, she did mention several other things she enjoys doing – like going out to eat at Burger King or going out for some chocolate chip ice cream, so she may spend a little bit of money on these particular treats.

In the meantime, Diane is ready for Special Olympics swimming season to start soon and is looking forward to attending Wonderland Camp again this summer where her favorite activity is also swimming. In her free time, Diane also likes to read books, cook spaghetti, watch the movie “Marley & Me,” and go shopping at the Dollar Tree store up the street from her apartment.

“I am happy for my new job,” she says. “And to make new friends.” Diane starts her new position on February 2 – good luck, Diane!