Supported Living

A Day of Pampering for the Ladies

May 15, 2017
Jami gets some color added to her hair.

In March, Supported Living staff planned a fun afternoon of pampering for the ladies. Chad Mitchell, Direct Support Specialist, had the idea to put something together after a successful “Guys Night Out” for the men last year. The gentlemen spent an evening at Lazer Lanes, bowling, eating pizza, and hanging out. Everyone who participated seemed to really enjoy it, so Chad started to work on planning the “Girls Night In.” Chad purchased some snacks, mini-facials, and nail polish to get the ball rolling. “I did get some help after I got started,” says Chad, “Because I realized that I didn’t really know what I was doing!”

Amanda Hosenfelt, Direct Support Specialist, stepped up to help Chad get things planned. “I think all the ladies who attended had a good time,” she says. “It was so much fun and well worth all the planning!” Amanda says she was mostly in charge of painting fingernails at the event. “I painted more than I can even count!”

Barb, a long-time participant in the Supported Living program, offered up her apartment as a location for the party. “Barb was a great hostess,” says Amanda. “She really seemed to enjoy having everyone over to her place.”

Photo of painted fingernails.
Sheila got her fingernails painted.

Laurie attended the event along with several neighbors from her apartment building, and said they all had a great time. “We did facials and we did some nail polish and we got our hair curled—like if we were going out on the town. Someone from almost every apartment came. I would definitely do something like this again!”