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CMSE Celebrates 50 Years

June 11, 2019

Story by Laurie Ritter

Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE) celebrated 50 years of providing quality work and meaningful jobs to individuals in the community on Friday, April 26.

CMSE Executive Director Bruce Young and Employee Manager and Director of the Day Program Sarah Johannaber started planning and organizing the event in January. Individuals who are currently employed and CMSE supervisors participated in the event. Families, friends from the main office, and people from the community came to celebrate the special day.

Many workers shared the afternoon with their loved ones. Laurie, a production worker, enjoyed showing off her work station to visitors including her mom, Carol; dad, Bob; and sister, Elizabeth. Workers had the opportunity to show off their skills, eat pizza, and visit with others. This is the first grand celebration of it’s kind that Laurie has attended at CMSE.

According to their website, the CMSE mission is to provide people with severe disabilities in the central Missouri area the vocational training and employment opportunities that will help them achieve and maintain the most normal and satisfying quality of life that they are capable of during their adult life.

Laurie enjoys her job as well as meeting new people, making friends, and keeping up with individuals from the other BCFR sites who she sees regularly at work. Laurie looks forward to attending another celebration in the future.