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C-J Celebrates in the Sunshine State

January 15, 2014

Santa and C-JFor Caye Jean, or C-J as she’s known around Team 3706, her annual trip to Florida to see her sister is something she looks forward to all year long. And this year was no exception.

In mid-December, C-J, along with Kendall Schler, a Teacher Counselor with Boone County Family Resources, flew to Gainesville, Florida to celebrate Christmas with her sister, Caroline and her partner, Patti.

“C-J had a blast on the trip,” said Kendall. “She talks about her sister and her trip to Florida all year.  She definitely reminds us every day when it’s getting closer.”

According to Kendall, C-J got a lot accomplished on her trip including decorating the Christmas tree, shopping for some new clothes, going on a glass-bottom boat tour at the Silver Springs State Park, seeing a laser-light show, singing Christmas carols and getting her picture taken with Santa. And that was just one day!

Kendall C-J Caroline and RudyShe also made a necklace at a bead store and created a scrapbook about her trip. C-J was then the guest of honor at a Christmas party at her sister’s house where she opened presents and roasted marshmallows over a fire.

C-J said she had a lot of fun and is proud of her scrapbook. She shared several photos with us and is already looking forward to the next visit, although it seems like it would be hard to top this one!