Life and Work Connections

Brandy’s Positive Attitude Pays Off

March 4, 2014

BrandyFor at least the last two years, Brandy’s long-term goal was to find full-time community employment with benefits. Last month, she was offered a job at the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital and she couldn’t be more pleased. “I’m so happy to have a full-time job. I am never quitting!” says Brandy enthusiastically. Brandy is working in food services and will soon be a face that the hospital patients come to recognize as she delivers them their meals. “I like my new job because I get to meet the patients and talk with them,” says Brandy. “I like meeting new people.”

Martha Echols, Community Skills Specialist in the Life & Work Connections program has worked with Brandy during her employment journey to help her find just the right position. “Brandy has had her sights set on a full-time job for quite a while. Her unwavering positive attitude helped her get through several job interviews until we found the right one for her.”

Martha said Brandy was already well-known at the Veterans’ Hospital as a reliable and friendly volunteer. “She would volunteer two to three times per week and was well-liked by her volunteer supervisor and other staff members,” said Martha. “They told her, when a position opened up, they would like to hire her.” Brandy continued to volunteer there and patiently awaited her chance to be a part of the hospital’s staff. She had even accepted a part-time job elsewhere, which she enjoyed, but she kept her hopes up for a position at the hospital. Then came the day when she received the phone call from the hospital’s human resources department. “That was a good day. I was happy to get that phone call,” says Brandy. “I told them right then that I wanted that job.”

Brandy, age 29, has been receiving services through Boone County Family Resources since 2006. She participated in the “Work It” class offered through the Transition Network program where she learned about professional communication and job interview skills. She credits that class with giving her the experience she needed to have a successful job interview. “I learned about making eye contact, practicing my interview questions and speaking nice and slow during the interview.”

In addition to having a bigger paycheck, Brandy is happy to now have health care, vision and dental benefits as well. She’s already shopping for a new pair of glasses!

“Brandy’s wonderful attitude has made all the difference in the world during her job search,” says Martha. “I’m sure that she is going to be very happy in her new role at the hospital.”

Congratulations on reaching your goal, Brandy. And good luck in your new job!