Support Coordination

Adora’s Song

December 1, 2011

Tina was overwhelmed with her daughter’s diagnosis: Autism and a learning disability. She knew 5-year-old Adora needed help, but she didn’t know where to turn for assistance. That changed last year when the Jones family moved to Columbia and discovered Boone County Family Resources and he Columbia Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program.

With the help of a BCFR Support Coordinator, Adora has been receiving intensive in-home care. And thanks to the Partnership for Hope waiver, Adora’s support team has implemented strategies specifically designed to meet the young girl’s learning needs. As a result, Adora’s communication and social skills have grown tremendously.

Today, Adora can sing songs and use some words – music to her mother’s ears.

When she isn’t singing and enjoying school, Adora is playing outside and tumbling. Boone County Family Resources provides Adora with funding for therapeutic recreation, including a gymnastics program that supports the development of her social and motor skills. Adora’s Support Coordinator also connected Adora with supplemental Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy services. In addition, BCFR has provided funding for Adora to receive assistive technology items, including, an astronaut board, weighted vest, pressure vest, Wilabarger brushes, and weighted blanket to support her sensory processing needs.

Tina said the support Adora receives has reached far beyond her daughter. It has been a “huge benefit” to the entire family.

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