Supported Living

A Trip to the State Fair

October 6, 2015
Six people pose at the Missouri State Fair
From left: Dale, Michelle, Doug, Janice and Laura. In front: Tina.

At the end of this summer, several residents from Supported Living decided they would like to go to the Missouri State Fair so they worked with staff to plan a trip.

Dale, Doug, Janice, Laura, Tina, and Michelle along with Supported Living staff Alison and Alicia traveled west Sedalia to take it all in at the 114th State Fair. Here’s what they thought about it.

What was your favorite part about the state fair?

Dale: The waterslide and the Clydesdales.
Michelle: The horses.
Janice: I liked everything, the horses.
Tina: The rides.
Doug: The atmosphere, the rides.
Laura: Riding rides.

What did you see when you were there?

Dale: Clowns.
Michelle: My boyfriend, Gary.
Janice: Jeremy was there.
Doug: Clydesdale horses.
Laura: cows and horses

Would you like to go back to the state fair?

Dale: I love it!
Janice: Yeah! See those horses again!
Michelle, Tina, Doug, Laura: Yeah!!

Alison, Supported Living Client Services Coordinator at Team 16 says, “Everyone seemed to have a really good time. I had a good time, too! We went to a gypsy horse show and that was everyone’s favorite.”

“Participating in community events and activities is an important part of cultivating a good life,” says Krista Staley, Site Supervisor at Team 16. “Our staff stays current on what is happening around our community and our residents decide what events they would like to attend. The State Fair is always one of the favorite activities. Fall is also a great time for getting outdoors for festivals, so next up we’re planning trips to Shryocks Corn Maze and Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. Several people are planning to go. It should be another fun time.”