Supported Living

A Holiday to Remember

January 13, 2012

For most of us, spending time with friends and families is the highlight of our holidays. Nobody wants to be alone when it seems the rest of the world is celebrating.

That’s why staff members at BCFR’s supported living sites went out of their way this year to make Thanksgiving a memorable occasion for the people who live there. 

“I rarely ask off for holidays due to wanting to help ensure that the clients that don’t have family to go visit have an opportunity to meet with some friends and enjoy some holiday food,” said Jason Cole, a client service coordinator. “I think it is very important for clients and staff to be able to enjoy the holidays when they are away from their friends and family.”

Half the fun for the eight staff and clients who shared the holiday was preparing the meal together – and they didn’t skimp on the fixings. They enjoyed turkey, rolls, green-bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and pie.

No one was disappointed.                                                        

“This made it feel like home,” said Arnold, who especially enjoyed cooking with his friends.

“I do like turkey,” CJ said. “I like Thanksgiving with my roommate.”Louise was so excited about the day that she welcomed Jason to work with a jubilant, “Turkey  bird day!”                      

For staff members Mimi Martinez, Te’La McKire, Natasha Grayson and Jason, spending Thanksgiving with clients was a warm reminder of what makes their job so special.

“Yes, the holidays are a time when staff who work realize that we are here for more than just a job,” Jason said. We “enjoy the time that is shared with people who don’t have anyone else to spend it with. … This is the most rewarding part of the holiday season.”

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