Social Skills Group

Social Skills Group experiences are designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to develop social communication and interaction skills for success in community settings, employment and in the individual’s home.

Strategies to increase targeted social skills may include interactive activities, role play, modeling and rehearsal. Examples of targeted outcomes include, but are not limited to:

  • Work related communication skills; including interviewing skills and interacting with co-workers
  • Social language skills to build communication and peer relationships

There is an expectation that the service is provided in a group setting as it is not only a more effective means to deliver the service, but also a more efficient and cost effective treatment than individual service.

This service includes fees for Social Skills Group programs specifically designed for persons with developmental disabilities that meet identified goals and needs of the participant.

Talk to your Support Coordinator for more information about Social Skills Group.

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Agency Name (If Applicable)Services OfferedFirst NameLast Name