Crisis Intervention Services

Individuals with a developmental disability who are experiencing a crisis may be eligible for Crisis Intervention services. Crisis situations include, but are not limited to, major medical procedures or illness, serious bodily injury, death, suicidal attempts, rape, abuse/neglect, marital separation or divorce, natural disasters, and severe and recurrent behavioral problems which limit efforts to minimize disabilities and/or significantly impair the caregiver/family’s ability to care for their family member with a developmental disability. Crisis intervention services include:


Crisis Attendant Services

Services consist of helping an individual and family in the areas of personal care, which allows the family to maintain the individual, or the individual to maintain himself in their own/natural home during a crisis.


Crisis Counseling Services

Services are designed to help eligible individuals and family members who are experiencing a crisis. Counseling services include goal-oriented counseling to maximize strengths and reduce behavior problems and/or functional deficits, which interfere with an eligible individual’s personal, familial, vocational or community adjustment.


Crisis Homemaker Services

Services are primarily directed toward home management and help with activities of daily living on a regular basis for a person who has many needs and requires this help in order to remain in their home and to prevent unnecessary out-of-home placement.


Crisis Housing Assistance

Designed to prevent unnecessary out-of-home placement, crisis housing assistance is available to persons with developmental disabilities and their family for initial rental, utility deposits and tenant’s share of first month’s rent in Section 8 approved or public housing. Assistance limited to persons who have previously met Boone County residency requirements and are homeless, at risk of immediate homelessness or are living in sub-standard, unsafe, and/or unsanitary housing.

Talk to your Support Coordinator for more information about crisis intervention services.