Meeting Room Requests

Meeting rooms are available at the BCFR Main Office located at 2700 W Ash St. in Columbia, Mo., Monday-Sunday, 8am-10pm and free of charge based on the following guidelines:

  • Priority is given to agency staff and individuals served first
  • Additionally, priority will be given to those organizations directly affiliated with the Agency’s mission, such as People First, Missouri State Agencies, MACDDS and Starling
  • Organizations with comparable or compatible missions to serving people with developmental disabilities will be considered next
  • Lastly, for-profit organizations will only be considered when the primary purpose of the sponsored event is educational and related to the BCFR mission.

In order to reserve a room, users will be required to sign a Meeting Use Agreement and attend a brief orientation to the space prior to use. Meeting room users must agree to the following:

  • Activities will be confined to the room/space reserved
  • Minor children will be supervised at all times by an adult 18 years of age or older
  • Charging money or fundraising during the event is not permitted
  • No banners or other materials will be attached to the wall, ceiling, or floor
  • No combustible materials or candles are allowed in the facility
  • No smoking is allowed in the facility
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the property
  • No weapons, including concealed firearms, are allowed on the property
  • No unlawful activity is allowed on the property.

Reservations can be made using this link:

Please allow at least 5 business days for your request to be reviewed and an agency representative will contact you regarding scheduling opportunities.

If we are unable to accommodate your meeting in our space, other local options include:

A large white and grey open space with TV screens on the wall and 40 tables and chairs lined up.