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Through a program called“Transition Network,” Life & Work Connections staff teach classes in various community locations, aimed at helping people transition to greater independence and productivity.

Participants in the classes sometimes also get peer support provided by Service Learning students from the University of Missouri.

Classes are intended to promote community integration and enhance social skills. With peer mentors, Transition Network participants have gone to see a movie, visited a museum, and volunteered together in the community.

Classes Offered

Check out the classes available through Transition Network

Apartment Planning

Learn how to find an apartment, determine costs and plan on how to afford one, learn to live safely and discover renting laws. Download class flyer.

Bus a Move!

Get the low-down on how to get around town – with Christi Brown!

Charting a LifeCourse

Life Course was created by families to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life, think about what they need to do, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live. Download class flyer.

Control Your Cash

Learn how to become financially independent and control where your money goes through budgeting, saving, and spending wisely. Download class flyer.

Drivers Permit

Learn the rules of the road and prepare for the drivers permit test.

Green Thumb Gardening Club

Learn how to plant flowers and vegetables, harvest a garden, and maintain it. Download class flyer.

Inspiring Success

A peer-to-peer program for young adults to empower, build relationships, and strengthen independence. Download class flyer.

Let's Go!

An active group that explores community resources, social connection, and supporting healthy lifestyles. Download class flyer.

Explore opportunities in the community and connect with people. Learn about Columbia leisure time offerings, making choices, planning outings, and building independence. Download class flyer.

Project STIR

Builds strong advocates and leaders. Learn your rights and responsibilities and how YOU can change your life and community. Download class flyer.

Relationships Ahoy!

Learn how to make your current relationships healthier and how to make new connections. Also, learn how to stay safe, speak up for yourself, and how to help others in unhealthy relationships.

Sex, Love & Relationships

A class covering a subject that may be difficult to talk about but is important to know. Download class flyer.

Learn to connect, find, communicate, set up rules to be cool, and stay safe online with people and groups that have similar interests as you. Download class flyer.

Work It

For ages 19 and up, Work It focuses on the soft skills part of having a job such as problem solving, communication, and professionalism. Download class flyer.

Work It: Teens In Transition

For Teens 16 to 18 – Work It: Teens in Transition focuses on 6 core topics related to employment: job exploration counseling, work-based learning experiences (tours of community employers), counseling on post-secondary enrollment opportunities, workplace readiness training (soft skills training), and instruction in self-advocacy. Download class flyer.


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Want to learn more about Transition Network?

Contact Life & Work Connections Supervisor, Renee Carter, or your BCFR Support Coordinator at 573-874-1995 to find out about eligibility.