Home-Based Support Services

Our Home-Based Support Services (HBSS) program reimburses you for wages you pay household employees to care for your loved one with a developmental disability.

Home-based Support Services (HBSS) caregivers may help with several activities such as dressing, eating, exercising, recreation, special medical, learning or behavioral support. Family members decide what type of care will be provided, and are responsible for hiring, training, scheduling and supervising caregivers.

Caregivers whose wages are reimbursed through Boone County Family Resources are not employed by Boone County Family Resources; they are employed directly by the families for whom they work.

Caregivers must be over 18 years old and cannot be:

  • Immediate family
  • Living with you
  • Receiving HBSS for their own family member
  • Providing other services at the same time
  • Working for BCFR

To be eligible for reimbursement through HBSS, each caregiver must complete a brief orientation with our Self-Directed Services Coordinator.

Finding a Caregiver

Often, the best way to find a caregiver is through social connections. You might ask people at your church, gym, school or workplace if they know someone who would be interested. Other strategies for recruiting a caregiver might include advertising in a local newspaper, college employment website, or searching our online Caregiver Directory (password required).

Other suggestions include:

Columbia Tribune
Columbia Missourian
University of Missouri
Columbia College
Stephens College

Screening a Caregiver

Two options provided by the State of Missouri for screening potential caregivers include the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) and Case.Net. The FCSR provides background information about caregivers to potential employers. Case.Net allows anyone to view Missouri court records deemed public under the Missouri Revised Statutes.

HBSS Forms

HBSS Reimbursement Request 2022 -reimbursement request form with instructions

HBSS Brochure (PDF) – general information about Home-based Support Services

HBSS Family Packet (PDF) – helpful interview questions, orientation guide and forms for caregiver instructions

Information & Resources

Internal Revenue Service – Information forms and assistance with federal laws

Missouri Department of Labor – Information and assistance with tax and labor laws

IRS Publication 926 (PDF) – Household Employer’s Tax Guide

HBSS Information for Household Employers & Employees (PDF) – Information for Household Employers & Employees

Questions About the Program

For questions about the HBSS program, or to schedule an orientation with the caregiver you have hired, contact our Self-Directed Services Coordinator at HBSS@bcfr.org or by calling 573-874-1995 x353.