Home-Based Support Services – Summer Teen Assistance

Individuals may be eligible for additional reimbursement of Home-Based Support Services during the summer months to supplement a plan of participation in other educational, vocational, recreational, and/or enrichment activities.

Persons may be eligible for summer teen activity assistance, if they:

  • Are eligible for Home-Based Support Services
  • Are 11 to 19 years old
  • Are enrolled in and attending school
  • Continue to require intensive supervision and care due to their developmental disability
  • Have parents/care givers whose employment conflicts with providing supervision and summer activities

The caregivers for eligible individuals shall provide a plan of summer educational, vocational, recreational and enrichment activities for their child. This plan should note dates and times of activities and proposed dates and times HBSS-Summer Teen Assistance would be used. The assistance may be used for interim weekday care and supervision of the child during the summer months after the end of the public school term and prior to the beginning of the next public school term.

Fees for summer school or leisure recreational activities cannot be paid for by the agency. Fees for recreation programs designed for persons with developmental disabilities may be available through the service “Therapeutic Recreation”. Transportation to activities may be provided per service definitions for Purchased and Reimbursed Transportation.

Talk to your Support Coordinator for more information about Home-Based Support Services – Summer Teen Assistance services.