Supported Living

A woman smiles as she places various dyes onto a tied up t-shirt outdoors at a table.

Dying for Some Fun in Supported Living

The Supported Living staff love coming up with creative and productive activities to stimulate and support residents. Direct Support Specialist (DSS) Shelton provided the idea of tie-dying t-shirts to create a unifying experience and give each individual an opportunity to express themselves  — and get messy outdoors. Shelton recently moved to Columbia and joined BCFR […]

A woman with glasses and grey hair holds a hand painted pot with dirt.

Supported Living Hosts a Summer BBQ

Early May brought warm weather which was welcome in Supported Living as residents enjoyed BBQ food, fun and games in the sun! Each individual served also received a hand painted pot by a BCFR staff member to plant summer flowers.            

Daniel is dressed in a blazer and party hat while enjoying the dance floor with his friends.

Night to Shine Prom is a Big Hit in Supported Living

The Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On Friday, Feb. 11, 2022, Night to Shine celebrated it’s eighth anniversary as thousands from around the world came together to honor those with disabilities. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Night to Shine 2022 entailed […]

Woman wears wizard hat smiles for photo contest.

Supported Living Takes a Mystical Escape

Many supported living residents enjoyed going on a mystical escape to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, straight from their home! Thanks to a little bit of magic from Direct Support Specialist and PN Chad, residents at a supported living site enjoyed a fun evening with Harry Potter themed activities. “I decided on the theme […]

Dale stands outside his apartment dressed professionally for work.

Dale Finds Meaningful Employment

Dale recently moved in to Boone County Family Resources supported living, but listening to him banter with his roommate Ricky leads one to believe they are already lifelong friends. As Dale fits in with his new apartment and roommate, he has also taken on a new employment opportunity at The Bluffs nursing home assisting with […]