Family & Community Living Support

Girl dressed in purple costume waves a large ornate purple and gold flag.

Julianna Steals the Show

Julianna steps onto the makeshift stage at Our Lady of Lourdes and belts out her rendition of the song “Fireworks” from one of her favorite singers, Katy Perry. She receives a standing ovation from the crowd for her performance. Julianna is no stranger to the stage as this is her family’s fifth annual concert which […]

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Overcoming Obstacles

Lydia is 20 years old and loves to give back to her community. She volunteers regularly at the Missouri Disability Empowerment Foundation (MoDE) , is on the City of Columbia’s Disability Commission, is a new board member to Local Motion (formally known as PedNet), and is a member of Children’s Grove organization. Her passion for […]

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Jacob’s Motivation Leads to Successful Employment

Like many high school seniors, Jacob began looking for his first job after graduation. With significant challenges related to expressive language and overall social skills, he was left with limited options. While working with vocational service providers like Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) he received feedback that he  did not take initiative and was withdrawn from others. […]

A teenage girl sits outdoors in an adapted wheelchair.

Sofia’s Turn

On a recent trip to St. Louis, Sofia and her mother, Tracey, decided to enjoy the beautiful day and take a quick trip to the Zoo before heading home. In the past, Tracey dreaded the Zoo because of the difficulty in maneuvering Sofia in her wheelchair up the large hills that lead to many of […]

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Transition to Virtual Services through COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, BCFR support coordinators continue to offer services that benefit the lives of individuals with disabilities who rely on day-to-day supports. While all in-person sessions are suspended, staff made the transition to providing more services remotely by phone or video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Skype and Facetime.  Offering virtual support […]