Voice Choice Card Game – SCH-011-0916

voice choice card game

Promote easy vocal production with Voice Choice!, a 158 card set for targeting voice disorders in children. These 31/4″ x 41/4″ cards target four areas of laryngeal function during phonation or speech production: Airflow. Voicing. Easy onset. Resonance. Within each area, there are exercises to elicit specific vocal responses. Voice Choice! includes five color-coded card decks, each targeting specific sound combinations (i.e., voiceless consonant words, vowel onset words, resonance words). For each exercise, use a single deck or a combination of decks. Simply check the index card to see which deck(s) to use for each exercise. Most of the easy-to-identify words in Voice Choice! are simple one and two syllable words that are appropriate for preschool and elementary children. These superbly illustrated cards come in pairs, turning practice time into game time!

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