Dying for Some Fun in Supported Living

The Supported Living staff love coming up with creative and productive activities to stimulate and support residents. Direct Support Specialist (DSS) Shelton provided the idea of tie-dying t-shirts to create a unifying experience and give each individual an opportunity to express themselves  — and get messy outdoors.

Shelton recently moved to Columbia and joined BCFR as a DSS. They had a great time planning the event and loved seeing everyone’s enthusiasm for this new project.

Shelton said, “Ryan especially seemed to be having a good time as his spot on the table was absolutely soaked in dye afterwards. Some individuals went with a more structured look, but Ryan thrived in the chaos that can be art.”

Director of Supported Living Natasha Sigoloff is encouraged to see newer staff’s creativity and excitement about engaging the individuals served in fun activities, she said, “The energy that our staff group is bringing to work is remarkable and truly improving our service delivery.”

Shelton looks forward to more team collaborations between sites and feels this activity is the stepping stone to do so.

“When I first got here, I wanted to shake things up in terms of activities,” said Shelton. “Now everyone at the site has a shirt that we all made together. I’m planning on getting a group picture with the shirts. My hope is that when they wear the shirt, they think of the community that we have.”

A man holds up a bright yellow and blue tie dyed t-shirt still dripping wet.

Clinton smiles proudly while holding up his wearable creation.

A man places blue dye onto a tied up t-shirt while standing outside at a table.

Ryan fills his tied up shirt with colorful dyes.

Two men place dye onto tied up t-shirts outdoors on a table.

Shelton and Dale work together to learn the art of tie-dying.

A woman smiles as she places various dyes onto a tied up t-shirt outdoors at a table.

Laurie enjoys
making a masterpiece that she’ll be able to wear afterwards.